Including external blocks in an export?

I’m back using Rhino after 6 months away so bear with me.

I’m working remotely on a project that will quickly become a big file. I can use external linked blocks to keep the working file light. However, when I’m done, I’ll need to send the file/model to my employer. How do I make a file with all external referenced blocks that they can open after I send it? The last time I did this I made a mess and the file was always missing something. I eventually went back in and embed all the blocks, nested blocks, etc. A pain, and probably due to my ignorance. I’d like to nip it in the bud this time.

looks like this
“Rhino 5 or later” is still up to date ? @pascal

i would save everything in one folder, maybe nested folders.
so you can do a .zip file of this single main folder
do a test and maybe share it here.