Question about modeling of Popping water balloon

I have a questions masters.
I want to model this kind of shape, but I couldn’t find the way
If you have experiences, I hope your advise

Thank you

You’re looking to simulate the balloon rubber, the water volume, or both?

Water is very difficult to simulate, you usually need lots and lots of particles meaning lots and lots of computation time. Interaction of water particles with deformable surfaces is extra difficult.


Thank you for your reply, sir.
Actually I’m more interested in balloon and its popping.
Also I got your point about water simulations.
The radius of balloon is 10 mm.


Within Grasshopper your only sensible way forward is kangaroo. I think I remember seeing fabric tearing simulations done with it. But I’m not sure GH is the best platform for this.

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I got it
Thank you for your reply

I would also say that Rhino/Grasshopper may not be the perfect tool for the task.

However, have a look at Flexhopper, which you could be used to simulate and spread fluid droplets and splashes:

The splash simulation is part of the Flexhopper examples.

Simulating the cracks in the ballon surface seems to be a very complex problem and would require a crack simulation (e.g. using XFEM).

If you just want to create these ballon patches, then one approach could be to create a simple mesh sphere, deform it and remove different regions of faces using very edgy curves.

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Thank you sir!

I will try