Quad mesh heightfield

So what I was trying to do when I created the crash above (as you might have figured out from the components used) was make a quad mesh heightfield. I thought to approach this by creating a flat quad mesh plane with the desired grid, then extracting the vertices, modifying the Z coordinates of the vertices (that part is not in the definition posted), and reconstructing the mesh with the same facelist and the new z-modified vertex list…

Is there a better way to do this? I wanted to avoid triangulation that happens by using the Delaunay component… I could re-quad the mesh after, but that seems counterproductive and possibly not 100% successful as QuadrangulateMesh in Rhino doesn’t always do a great job…

Thx, --Mitch

I think changing the z values of a planar grid mesh is the best way to do this. Is there a problem with this approach?

That’s the way I would do it

And yes I got it to crash as well

Aside from the crash when I reconstruct the mesh? :smile: Nope…

Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something…

Thanks, --Mitch

Hey Danny,
How did you get it not to crash in you example above?

Connect the list of vertices first then there is a valid list for the Faces to work from.

I just assumed you were reporting the bug when doing it the other way around.

Ahhh… Of course… --M

Yep, pretty much where I was going, mine is slightly different, but does the same thing…


Mitch you should have a look at the Quick Image Editor… File Menu > Export Quick Image or Ctrl+Shift+Q to save you having to make those screen captures.

You get 4 useful tools:

  1. Cropping Frame - allows you to reduce to a smaller selection
  2. Focus Frame - allows you to highlight a specific area of the definition (everything else darkens and blurs slightly
  3. Viewport Frame - Include the contents of a Rhino Viewport
  4. Version Code - includes the version number in the lower right hand corner for future reference

I think there’s still room for improvement but far better than having to go through another image editor.

Umm, the canvas image was made with that… The second one was just Rhino ViewCaptureToClipboard and paste into Discourse… #3 is interesting, I have 2 screens, GH on one, Rhino on the other, have to see how that works…


It was this that lead me to believe you were unaware of it… sorry, I quite often tell my gran to be careful when making the holes.

Well, I was unaware of #3, so you are partially correct, no worries…