Q: Rhino Meshes and File Size

Hi guys, I have made a DTM importer and I see that when I save these meshes then the files become very large.

A 7M vertex, 15M face mesh becomes 450 MB as a Rhino file.
IMO a mesh like this is basically the same as the 32bit TIFF picture.
(Where the pixels are the vertices and the pixel color is the height.)
So why does a 32MB tiff (that has all this information) become a 450MB Rhino file?
That’s a 14X file size.

Are there anything you could do to compress it in any way?
I post this since 3D scans and complex data is used in most fields these days, so if it is possible to make the file size smaller then that would benefit all.

I’ll gladly share some files with you if you want to explore this more.

although not directly related to your post, I have noticed that with several formats.

they grow in size after import!


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correct. I’m facing the same thing. But I don’t know why. There is a slowdown in saving the file when it contains Mesh

Hi @Holo,

Rhino compresses meshes, when saving, by default.

– Dale

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OK, so is this the result of double floatingpoints or something else?

64 bit double-precision, 8 bytes times 3 per “pixel,” 15M points, that’s…360MB before anything else…so mostly yeah? And you’re not gonna be able to ‘compress’ that higher level of precision as much, virtually nothing’s going to repeat values at that level of precision.

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