Q: Boole mesh and NURBS?


I am a mesh dummy. Shouldn’t boole (e.g. _MeshBooleanIntersection) a mesh and NURBS result in a mesh? Attached an example: Boole_Mesh_and_NURBS_does_nothing.3dm (934.2 KB)



Works fine here with MeshBooleanUnion, selecting the mesh first and then the sphere.

Boole_Mesh_and_NURBS_does_nothing.3dm (1.1 MB)

Hi Martin,

thank you for your result. What Rhino are you using?

Here in the current WIP (8.0.23150.10305, 2023-05-30) nothing happens.



I just realized the boolean union above was done in Rhino 7.
I’m using Rhino feeder to open files and it opened your file in Rhino 7…

I’m on the same Rhino 8 WIP like you and I see the same problem.

It seems Rhino 7 automatically converts a brep to a mesh but Rhino 8 WIP doesn’t do that.

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When you first _Mesh the sphere, and then _MeshBooleanUnion, the result is open:

Not so good (= bug).
While I like that the mesh of the cube is far better than in V7.

Haha, did not see the underside of this cube is actually open. Thanks Charles.

The cleaner look of the cube in V8 is because it’s showing ngons. This can be achieved in V7 too.