Python Version in GH/Rhino6/MAC?

I am trying to use a library developed in Python 3 for Grasshopper/Rhino, and am hitting endless barriers trying to use it on the Mac. I have a current demo build of Rhino6 and have set up my Python environment several different ways, to make Python 3 the default. No matter what I do/use (pyenv, new symlinks, env files, etc/etc/etc), The GH editor stubbornly loads Python 2 instead of Python3. How can I force Rhino/GH to load Python3?

As usual - You read the documentation and get the answer - I’ll do it for You (this time only :smiley:):

I read that very page before I posted, actually. I assumed something was still amiss for two reasons: 1) it refers to IronPython and .net which aren’t really applicable to MacOS or so I thought, and 2) the software library I’m trying to use with Rhino and GH is written for Python3. This page you reference seems to say that Python 2.x is my only option?

The IronPython team has announced they are shifting development to Python3

and they have also made some commits into the IronPython3 repo:

I wonder if it is possible to run IronPython2.7 and IronPython3 in Rhino at the same time.


Not currently - there is not yet an alpha version of Ironpython 3 despite several years of work . McNeel devs have said they may include another python interpreter in Rhino in the future without removing the current one.


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