Python text panel updater

Hi, I want to make a python script for updating Grasshopper panels from an Excel sheet. I modified a script that I found on the old Grasshopper forum by Anders Holden Deleuran that is updating slider values. I want to do the same for the text panels in my definition, but my script is only outputting the first letter of the text string. How can I output the entire string/array? (8.4 KB)


My old examples (and your implementation) was designed to operate on lists of canvas objects and setting their values. So you just need to set the input parameters access type to List Access and you should be good to go: (6.6 KB)

Edit: Also your GHPython editor appears to open off-screen (on a second monitor maybe?), I retrieved your code by enabling the Show "code" input parameter and copying it from there into a new GHPython component.

Thank you for your quick reply. That solved it, great!
All the best,