Python plugin installation

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I have a python script compiled into a .dll file using IronPython, and a basically calling the function inside my .dll. I managed to create the necessary toolbar for my plugin (using RUI) but now I would like to automatize a little bit the whole process using RHI. I already read a lot of topics and still have few questions. I fear that I am mixing different notions (RhinoPython, RhinoCommand, Command, Plugin, …):

Is the following structure for my .rhi archive correct?


  • containing plugin’s info

  • MyPlugin.rhp: HOW to get that? Is it my compressed inside?

  • MyPlugin.dll: containing the source code

  • MyPlugin.rui: containing my toolbar

I am referring to this: and this

Also, is this type of installer available in my case?

Ideally, if I could speak with somebody in private and then post here a summary, it could be easier for people to find the best solution.

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Finally managed to make it work using existing documentation, sorry for the useless topic.

Can you delete it?

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