Python Plug-in Tutorial

Hello Everyone,
I have been looking into making my python scripts into a plug-in and found when you select command instead of empty script option in the python editor it lets you define the command name and plug-in it should be part of. This bit I understand, but I have not worked out how to tell rhino to install the new Plug-in I have created or should I be compiling an empty plugin then installing that then adding scripts to it .

Any help much appreciated.


Hi Matt,

The Rhino.Python editor will not compile a plug-in. If you need a real plug-in (which is a .NET assembly or DLL), then you are going to need a copy of Visual Studio and use either the C# or Visual Basic programming language, along with RhinoCommon.

Does this help?

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@dale what about this

Yes, true. This tool creates a plug-in which executes a script by running either the RunScript or RunPythonScript command (as opposed to calling API functions). I’m not sure this is what @mattgaydon is expecting.

Yeah that makes sense some sense, I had seen the Rhino script complier too, but not had a chance to test it. We have Visual Studio in the office so can have a look at that route too. But still don’t understand how the python editor gives you the option create a command but if you want to make it into a plug-in its need to be re coded d in VS or using RunPythonScript not RunCommand.

Currently I have been making the script run from the command line by making a rvb file that creates an alias that just calls the RunPythonScript command that runs the script from the file.