Python beginner looking to make a simple plugin

Hi everyone

I’m looking to develop a plugin (and my skills) for rhino or a desktop application that can talk with rhino (?). I would want it to take the volume of a closed solids using python script commands using the rhino script compiler and then compare it to a database, spit out graphs using matplotlib but It would also need a GUI so that other people can use it too.

I would love to know if something like this is possible with python? if there’s a better way of going about it? any tips?

Thanks in advance

Have a look here:

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You will not be able easily to run matplotlib inside Rhino as it uses Ironpython 2.7. You say you are new to Python so I suggest you start with a simple python script in Rhino to export the data and a separate script in CPython, Anaconda distribution to do the plotting. Then link them once you are happy with them. You can build a gui for the Rhino part with ETO forms and for python with a Jupyter Notebook or pyQT, for example

Hope this helps



Thanks so much for getting back to me and basically giving me a plan! This has helped loads!