Script Editor

Installed latest WIP of Rhino 8 and when using the script editor I have lost Numpy and don’t seem to be able to re install it, please advise.


@RogerD the other day I had a similar issue. I hope the following advise from @eirannejad helps:

Delete C:\Users\<user>\.rhinocode\python3.9-34\site-envs\default-* environment folder, restart Rhino and install again. It might be a conflict with other packages installed before. If you see errors, send me the contents of RhinoCodeLogs please

Hi Gijs,

My apologise sent the reply for Wim to you by mistake.

Ah, I see, I’ll remove these. Did you get to resolve your python issue?

Hi Gijs,

Yes I did thank you.

if the suggestion solved it, can you mark that as solution or otherwise mention what fixed it for you? TIA