Put a weight value to cv pts

Is there a way to put a weight to cv pts. On a curve? For example a wokd batten of a certain tickness will bend , but has limits. Limits give control

Hi Mark- you can change the weights on control points (weight command) but this has nothing to do with limiting how much a curve will bend, if I am reading your question correctly. Grasshopper might be able to help.


Thank you for the reply. Different thickness of wood for example has different bend value. Wondered if that could be apllied to cv pts. As a value, then a curve may react in a predictable way . I was working with VSR a bit and found some nice tools there too. Thanks

Yeah, one of the downsides of Nurbsy things is that they are infinitely flexible, so it is hard to mimic material characteristics- usually that is done with pointsets/meshes, as in the Kangaroo plug-in for Grasshopper.