Push to server timed out

I’m trying to publish my plugin pkg by:

"C:\Program Files\Rhino 7\System\Yak.exe" push feather-1.0.0-rh7_13-win.yak

But I’m receiving these errors:

Error while copying content to a stream.

API returned 503 but the error couldn’t be deserialised

The POST request timed out.

I guess the problem is similar to this one: Errors when pushing package - #4 by will

I guess that there is a 5-minute timeout. My yak file is about 27M. For some reason, the upload is not completed during the timeout. Is there something that I can do? Thanks.

By 5 minutes, nearly 26 MB is uploaded. Maybe just 1MB remains :roll_eyes:

There was a problem with the network connection. Now it’s resolved :white_check_mark: