Purge is an unknown command

Hi there,

since I started using Rhino I am familiar with the command PURGE. Unfortunately it is not working for a while know. When I type it into the command line it is displayed as Unknown command: Purge.
Can anyone help?

Thank you!

Hi Liis,
Can you verify that the Rhino Bonus Tools plugin is loaded and enabled?

Thanks wim. The plugin was loaded but not enabled…

Hi Wim,

I am running R6. When I use the command purge, this appears in the prompt:
Blocking plug-in Rhino Bonus Tools.
Unknown command: Purge

How does one unblock the plug-in Bonus Tools?

Maybe this helps

This is where I found the plug-in and it was indeed disabled. After enabling it and restarting RH, purge works again!