Pull point and remap numbers

hi guys. I am trying to understand the way that plugins used. But I don’t understand how pull point and remap numbers work. I’d be very happy if someone can explain.

g8.gh (23.0 KB)
r8.3dm (38.6 KB)

Remap : if you have a value inside a domain, then remapping it to another domain just changes the value to be in the same relative position within the new domain
e.g. min=0.0 max=1.0 val=0.5 > min=10 max=20 val=15

PullPoint: A given point is projected on a given geometry at the closest parameter. I personally think this is not a very useful feature. Because on curved geometries you rather want to project with a given vector to prevent distortion. But it’s easier to use, so people use that quite often…

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