Projecting heatmap on 3D model

I have a matrix sensor that collects data (lets say temperature) over a 130 by 130 array - basically getting a individual value for each of the 16900 elements.

I know the position and orientation of the sensor (x,y,z and i,j,k).

The data from the sensor and position/orientation will be updated as the sensor is moved in contact with a physical object. The refresh frequency will be anything from 2-10 Hz.

A CAD model of the physical object is loaded in Rhino. I want to project the sensor data - as a heatmap - onto the 3D model. I want to build a complete map, by “painting” the surface.

Furthermore, i would like to access each point individually, possibly accessing some meta-data added to each point (it could be an URL).

Can Rhino be used? Ideas appreciated!

Sure can. Rhino has a few pre-canned analysis modes, such as Curvature, Draft Angle, Emap, and Zebra.

But with a plug-in, you can certainly write your own. Here is some sample C++ code that demonstrates how:

If you don’t want to write your own, there is a Labs plug-in that will allow you to import your own analysis data.

– Dale