How to program a structure cloud diagram in rhino by RhinoCommon?

Hello, everyone! I am a new Rhino developer. Now I am writing a finite element method plug-in by C#.
I have some problems in post-processing: I want to draw a structural deformation or stress cloud plot in rhino, just like the following picture:

The cloud plot is just like the surface curvature analysis in Rhino:

thanks for your help!

Maybe you should check

Hi @Davilin_hit,

There are a couple of ways you can do what you’ve shown. The first is to create a false color Mesh. That is, a mesh that has vertex colors. You can draw meshes with false colors using a display conduit.

You can also draw the legend using a conduit.

Another way, which is more like Rhino’s CurvatureAnalysis command is to create a custom visual analysis mode.

The Developer samples repository on GitHub has samples of all of this.

For conduit samples, just grep the code looking for DisplayConduit. For a visual analysis mode sample, see the following:

Let us know if you have any questions.

– dale

This custom visual analysis mode works perfect.

Very thanks for your selfless help. I will try this method firstly

hello, RadovanG, thanks for you help. I have learned the surfacecurvature class now