Project surface onto another surface

Is it possible to project a (flat) surface or polysurface onto another (dished) surface? I have a heightfield surface with raised decoration that I wish to ‘project’ onto a curved surface. Both shapes share the same outer curve (in other words they are exactly the same shape). Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Michael- only in Windows as far as I know, via a RhinoScript; I’ll see if I can rewrite the script in Python so that it can be used on the mac. The Rhino Script, ProjectObjects, for Windows only, is here:


Thanks very much Pascal,
I do have Rhino 5 in Windows, but rarely use it, as I’m a Mac user & can’t be bothered to open up Windows! I find the Mac Beta version does everything I need it to (until now!)

Hello again Pascal,
That seems to have worked! Now I’ll just try opening it up on the Mac side of things…

Thanks again