Project curves to asymmetric surface

Hi there

In a research activity in the field of plastic surgery, I face a problem in modeling. I want to fill the outer surface of the breast with the curves that follow the Fibonacci sequence, I create these curves in plan view but when I want to project them into the breast surface it takes on a strange shape due to the asymmetric of breast shape.

I read many posts here and some articles about how to create breasts by differential equation but I can’t find the right way.

my goal is these Fibonacci curves when coming down to the breast have the same shape and distance to the plan view. if give me some think and suggest to go in right way i will be thankful so much.

grasshopper file:
Fibo (815.4 KB)

First, I had to fix your code to work without Heteroptera.


Then I ignored your approach and took a different tack. The bright colored curves are planar sections, sorted and flipped (white group). I tried Relative Item to get spiral curves from them (in ‘Tree/List Viewer’, blue and yellow) but that didn’t work vey well?

Fibo (850.7 KB)

P.S. Planar sections are aligned better using the axis between the bottom and top of the “cone” shape. Diagonal curves aren’t working too well.

Fibo (852.3 KB)

P.P.S. This method adjusts seams on divided “horizontal” curves to get well behaved diagonals.
UPDATED to add ‘Count’ slider’, then updated again to add ‘Target’ slider (version ‘17a’)

Later… Too bad Pull Curve fails in this case, missing segments of the curves.

P.S. I forgot to add a Remap ‘T’ (Target) slider (0 to 1, cyan group) after the Graph Mapper, which controls the degree of twist that results from adjusting seams.

Fibo (860.6 KB)