Produce the tow series of form

Hi dear friends
i wanted to produce the 2 or more kind of form but as you can see second list from remap number assigns on the first panel. in fact i want to produce the tow series of form (panels) with different angles from remap number. is there any solution? (15.3 KB)

What are you talking about :question:

you can use Pull Point with “Closest only”

don’t know why, but this very thing came out several time in the last few days :slight_smile:

I’d also suggest to use value-driven domains for the remap, as illustrated here:

thanks for your replay @inno and @Joseph_Oster
according to the figure i want to great tow series of panels simultaneously with tow points. i thinks it is clear.

No, it’s not clear at all :exclamation:

Try this?

last Rotate component → unflatten Angle and Geometry, flatten Plane


into this: (21.1 KB)

@inno, can you please explain what “the tow series of form” means?

when I read “great tow” with my terrible italian accent it sounds like “create” …as non-english-speakers we speak a different kind of language :wink: (and the best -and most terrible- thing is that it looks like we might even understand each other :joy: )

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I sorta guessed that “great” might mean “create” but what about “tow series of form”? Can’t be “two”?

YES! I believe he desired the two series of panels to be created simultaneously, each of them driven by its respective attractor point
and YES, welcome to our inner circle: you are understanding our language! :wink:


I would honestly be very curious what Google Translate would do with a description typed in your native language? Maybe this?

according to the figure i want to create two series of panels simultaneously with two points.

No, I don’t even try anymore to solve GH puzzles that aren’t explained clearly.

Your English (@inno) is WAY BETTER than @user135’s.

P.S. For the record, there are many examples on this forum of very poor descriptions of GH puzzles from people whose native language is English.

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thank you @inno for that; i think this is same that i want exactly. and sorry for my typo @Joseph_Oster

The problem for me is more than typos, though misspellings can make text difficult to understand.

Please try Google Translate :question:

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