Problems with vonoroi boundary

meshouder (1).igs (448.3 KB) (8.7 KB)
the pattern is going outside the surface how can we put a correct boundary.

by using the boundary input in voronoi element?

but what boundary should I use i’m a noob in grasshopper so i’m struggling

ah ok. In this case try and flatten the population output from “populate geometry” with rightclick and input a curve that represents the boundary of the voronoi element. however, there are many very good grasshopper learning videos that will help get over the first basic struggles

okay than we get this and the errors are: bounds rectangle must have non-zero width and hight

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According to your screenshot, It seems your base geometry to populate points is a 3d object and you are using Voronoifor 2d which is not plausible.
Try to use Voronoi 3Dand Brep/Brep(BBX) to get intersecting curves that are equivalent to 3D voronoi.

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