Problems with Rhino Level 2 Training exercise 24 Cutout

Hi there,

I am currently working through the Level 2 Rhino training document and have come across a small problem I can’t quite work out. It is in Chapter 9 Exercise 24 ‘cutout’ in the section titled ‘trimming the sides and the scoop’.

When I extend the bottom edge of the bottom fillet to the end of the ‘floor surface’, the projected line takes a different path to what is shown in the example image (see comparison images below). I was working from the example model ‘Scoop 005.3.3dm’ so that any previous mistakes I might have made wouldn’t be a problem.
If anyone could shed some light on my problem I would be very very grateful i was working from the

I am currently using Rhino for Mac and am aware that the training is written for Windows.


Many Thanks!

Hi Joseph - use the ToPoint option in Extend - then you get to put the end point where you want it, it won’t just do its own thing.

Is that better?


Hi Pascal,

Thank you for the quick response! After a break from the exercise I took your advice and played around with the different modes and line types. It worked by using ExtendCrvonSrf . To extend the outer curve of the outer fillet I used the Arc setting on the ExtendDynamic function.

Thanks, Joe