Curve extending too far in fillet edge

I am having trouble with fillet edge where two arcs meet in a concave manner. I’ve isolated the problem with a small example file here:

Fillet Problem Example.3dm (145.1 KB)

The arcs in the object on the left happily fillet, but the arcs in the object on the right are not happy at all. In the preview, they extend beyond their intersection and apparently the trim fails. Thank you to anyone who can offer insight, and my apologies if I’m making an obvious mistake. I’ve been searching for an hour or so and cannot find a solution.

Just make a little fillet curves to brake those pointy part before extrude. and fillet egdes will work.

Thank you so much, Cyver! It’s working perfectly.

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Rhino 5 or Rhino 6?

It was a Rhino 5 file. Why?