Problems with radiation analysis

Hi all,

First time using Grasshopper, I’m trying to perform a very basing radiation analysis on a basic digital model representing a building.

I have been using the file from here:,0

replacing the weather file with my own, yet when I toggle it on, I get a loading wheel but nothing happens, it seems to just freeze. Does anyone know of anything that I may be doing wrong?

Many thanks in advance,


Hi Cal - for issues with LB|HB, please visit the following forum:

When you do so, please also upload your Grasshopper definition or at the very least a picture that shows error messages on components. As a new user, you won’t be allowed to post your definition straight away. Spend some time reading the guidelines of that forum and search for and read previous threads that might relate to your issue. A common issue is the use of “special” characters in the path and/or file name of the epw file.

Will do! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: