Problems with perp frames on curves

Hi there, i was wondering if anyone knows why my perp frames arent being created on the points that i give it, some do (where the shapes are forming) but the large majority dont. (the script is trying to divide the frames into two outputs depending on their distance from an attractor point).
Any help would be much appreciated, cheers :slight_smile:

Hello sailor,

Would you be kind enough to internalize your data and upload your script?

Best regards,
Sir Ernest Shackleton

Hi! I’m new to this so im not sure if ive internalized it correctly…hopefully

Perp frames (17.0 KB)

Welcome @crepaart,

Yep, you’re geometry was correctly interalised!

Is this what you’re looking for?

2020-04-04 10-08-36.2020-04-04 10_12_55

Screenshot 2020-04-04 at 10.13.43

The main issue was that you didn’t graft the C input of the PFrames components, so the data structure of the curves didn’t match the one from the division parameters, which are in lists per curve.

In this version, I also swapped the nurbs boxes and spheres for meshes, since they are far quicker to compute. Unitising the curves is also not necessary in this case.

Perp frames internalised (17.9 KB)

Amazing! thank you so much that’s exactly what i was looking for!