Perp frame on last point on curve

hi there,
i am trying to create perp frames on a curve at a series of points. the start of the series is zero, the step is the length of the curve divided by n, the expression is x+1. the last point (n+1, in this case 11) has the parameter t=length of curve (as you can see in the panels). Perp Frames wont accept this and tells me it cant solve because t is outside of the curve. if i substact 0.0001 it works.

i would be very thankful for a solution that doesnt feel like cheating (which substracting a little bit does)


You should try with Divide Curve to get the parameters directly.
Also, the parameters are NOT proportional to the curve length, except for some simple cases, so with your method there is no guarantee the planes are equally distributed along the curve.

If it’s still not working, please upload your file with the curve internalized.

thank you, that works for me! if everything was that easy… :slight_smile:

here are two more solutions - the “Perps Frames” would be the most direct one.