Problems with lofts and empty space

Hello, I have a little bit of an issue regarding lofts and understanding how they work.
I have two close curves that I lofted together to create an autogenerated joint. The joint itself is perfect, however I have issues 3d printing this part and converting it into an stl. The loft creates a skin, that is essentially ‘0’ thickness. I would like to have a solid interior, and was wondering if there is a way to use loft specifically to create that solid interior.

Once I have created my loft, is there a simple way of filling the interior of that “shell”? I understand that I may be confusing how fusion 360 treats solids compared to rhino. What I have tried so far has been to use CAP, to create a closed 3D object, but that only goes so far.

Attached is the file that I am working with. I am not using grasshopper, but recognize that it would help to switch over to that. In the mean time, what’s the best way to make a solid object for 3d printing?

wing mount

There is no such thing as “filling” a solid, a ‘solid’ is simply an enclosed volume, and this is true in all CAD. Even voxels are closer to a cloud of points.

3d printer slicing apps have many, many, MANY settings for wall thicknesses and patterns for filling in volumes. It’s best to just worry about that there.

I see, so it would be easiest to just go through my slicer software.

Unless you’re attempting to actually simulate an injection-molded part, yes…well even in that case yes, it’s what determines how things get filled in.

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thank you, appreciate the quick response!

You must use “loft” to create the joint
Then you must use the command “_OffsetSrf” to give that surface a thickness
You can then run your object through a slicer.