Problems with csv in a python plugin

Might have found a bug in the csv implementation in IronPython. I tested all this with Rhino 7.18. When importing a csv file there is a difference with how it treats the file when it’s loaded in the python editor vs when it’s loaded as part of a python plugin. The script worked fine until the last update.

When I load a csv file as part of the python plugin it doesn’t split it on the comma leaving me with a list with just single entry.

When I load the script into the python editor or use RunPythonScript in Rhino, the csv reader works as expected. Loading each comma separated item as a separate entry in a list.

I can write around this, but is there anything I need to be doing when loading csv as part of a python plugin?

Hi @David_Moreau,

Any chance you can provide a small sample, we can run here, that reproduces the problem?

– Dale

Sure. I stripped the script of everything non csv related. That and the corresponding csv file are attached as an rhi.

CSV_Problem.rhi (1.6 KB)