Problems converting file for cnc cutting

Simo flat water race fin.stl (274.6 KB)

HI Guys I have a problem where this file exported as a stl, or dxf file comes out as a wire mesh not a solid. so when it is opened on the cnc software which is Vectric - Aspire. the router tries to cut an amount of area from around the object and then the object, which is a huge waste of material and time. I had to originally create the basic shape in another programme and import it into rhino as creating a fin in rhino proved to be to hard for a beginner like me. it was suggested to convert the file to a IGES file however Rhino wont convert the wire mesh. the programme I originally used was fin foil and is free on the net if you want to take a look. or if anyone has ideas on how to create a fin from scratch in rhino im all ears.
thanks in advance for any assistance.

This sounds more like a CNC settings issue specific to Aspire than a Rhino question.

From what I can tell Aspire only reads meshes and so even if you were to make a new fin from NURBS surfaces in Rhino, you will still run into the same question.

That said, there might be someone here who has experience with Aspire but you might get an answer faster from the Vectric people.

Object in this file is not solid
Can be made visible by command _ShowEdges

Repair it with removing of deformed open mesh faces _DeleteMeshFaces
and close with command _FillMeshHoles

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Simo flat water race fin rebuilt edges.3dm (187.3 KB)

hi Eddi could you please take a look and make sure I have done it right.
thanks Simon

You can examine by yourself, in Rhino V5 universal tool for this is command _MeshRepair
and little more info and trick’s here in this PDF:
(But this PDF was written for Rhino V4)

…Contour and bridge’s for cutting can be created directly in Aspire