Problem with the versions

I am trying to create a large named color list using the value list component and the panel with a collection of default values for the named colors.

previously I used rhino 5 for this and there was no problem
but I have changed to rhino 6 and I am having two drawbacks.

1- the Value list in version 6 after three consecutive clicks on the component offset arrows appears search box; That is very annoying. in rhino 5 that doesn’t happen.

2- The Custom Preview component also sends the following error box, when I try to connect the Panel with the configuration that works in rhino 5 in the rhino 6 version.

rhino 5 work without problem

rhino 6 This is the error

  1. is probably due to double-click bringing up search menu. For now best to click a bit slower (but it is annoying, agreed).

  2. works just fine here:


Any chance you have a extra blank line below your text in your panel? It’s useful to upload your file next time.