Problem with "Simplify" in Gh Data Structures

I guess its not a bug but I find this quite annoying:

When I built up complex data structures with dynamically varying number and not consecutive branches, once there is only one single branch flowing through the very same structure is behaves completely different: simplify doesn’t remove leading zeros anymore

means: while a structure with {3} and {31} is working fine work fine; a structure with only {31} doesn’t get simplified anymore bur results in something like {0;0;31}:

see screenshot and file attached where I cut out a part of my definition by internalizing data to maintain the same structure (9.0 KB)

Yep, in GH1 simplify removes the shared indices amongst all paths in a tree. A tree with only one path never has any shared indices.

The GH2 behaviour will be as you describe (it removes all zeroes from a lonely path), and you can access this type of simplification via the Suirify object added recently.

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Hi, I have created a video tutorial where I explained why to avoid simplifying data trees. You can check the video here: