Problem with opening file in rhinoWIP


I am running the last version of rhinoWIP mac and having trouble opening files I created in Rhino 5 mac, then after worked on in RhinoWIP.

When I open the file, it loads a preview but then the charging wheel is turning forever (see screenshot) and never manages to finally open it.
Maybe my file was “corrupted” by rhinoWip, or maybe it contents something that doesn’t allow RhinoWIP to open it?

My version of rhino: Version 6 WIP (6.11.18303.12036, 2018-10-30)
I am running OS 10.14 Mojave, but was already experimenting this issue with the previous release of Rhino 6 WIP, and before I upgraded to Mojave.
My computer is a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015).

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


Can you send us a file please?

Here is one.

I managed to open it perfectly with Rhino6 windows, so it looks that the problem is coming from RhinoWIP.
I can also open many other files in RhinoWIP without any trouble.

Many thanks

RDF-181016-2.3dm (5.8 MB)

I was able to duplicate that and have added it to the pile:

This problem should be fixed in the latest RhinoWIP. Please test it and verify when you get the chance. Thanks again for reporting this.