Problem with joining points on a surface

At first sorry for my English. I have one surface defined by a hexagonal pyramid. Then I have divide this surface with Triangle Panel B (from LunchBox Plugin). Then I applied a Sierpinski Triangle Transformation in order to get a surface divided in triangles. To convert the mesh into a surface, I projected the points on the surface and then I’ve tried to join on a polyline on this same surface. But the polyline doesn`t work as I would like to. The polyine join this point across the surface and not ON the surface.
I want the points of the same face to join, and not from one face to another “crossing” in the space left between one face and another

If you post your gh file we can help you much better.

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Always provide something: some def , some image, some sketch etc etc.

At present time your goal is rather unclear to me. Maybe you want to do things like these? (3d pyramids (of various “types”) - rational, distorted or LOL).

Sorry I didn’t know how attach photos, this is my first time at the forus. At firts I have this hexagonal pyramid divided in triangle which each one triangle I have applied a Sierpinski Transformtion. So what I wanna do is make a surface from this mesh of triangles. To get the mesh, I have explode, take the vertex and join into a polyline.
But the polyline doesn`t work as I wanted to. The polyline doesn´t join the point on the same face of the pyramid, It joins the points across the surface.

I tried with other surface like a revolution surface and It works as I want.
lampara (14.2 KB)

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Thanks all for your quick answers. I have just found a solution for my problem.

I’m very grateful with u!!