Problem with intersecting a Set of Meshes with another Mesh

Hey everyone,

I have a Problem intersecting a set of meshes with another mesh. The mesh intersection tool works fine for two single meshes.
But I´d like to intersect a single mesh (A) with a set of meshes (B_n). For this case the mesh intersection tool combines the set of meshes(B_n) to a single mesh and intersects it with A and returns only one intersected mesh.
Instead I´d like to have a set of n intersected meshes returned for every combination of B_n and A.
I have tried writing a small python or c# script for this, but haven`t really had any sucess. Does anyone know an easy way to solve this problem?

Thanks a lot in advance

Versuch schnittflaeche (20.8 KB)

I’m not using dendro and I’m not exactly sure what the output of your dendro action would look like.

To get all intersections separately, you might just need to graft the B input on the mesh intersection component…

I split your input curves in halves to get a solution with multipipe.

Versuch schnittflaeche (33.3 KB)

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Thanks a lot.
Grafting the B input did actually solve my problem. I didn`t quite get the hang of when to flatten, graft or simplify data yet, but I am sure I will eventually learn that as well.

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