Problem with Evaluating multiple surfaces

Hello All,

I still consider myself new to grasshopper. I am having a hard time evaluating multiple surfaces. These smaller hexagonal surfaces ( lunchbox) are the result of me splitting a larger surfaces with hexagonal polyline curves that I baked. But now it cannot evaluate each surface individually. I want to find the normal of each surface using evaluate surface but something is going wrong. Could anyone tell me where my mistake is ?


As you might have noticed in your screenshot, all the hexagonal surfaces are trimmed surfaces that have the same one source of your original underlying surface.

So, It’s useless effort to evaluate individual trimmed hexagonal surface because you would always get the same one(duplicated)point.

It would be better to get the individual panel centroid first and get the equivalent point on the original surface using Surface Closest Point and finallyEvaluate Surface let you evaluate all those panel centroids using the points fromSurface Closest Pointand your original surface.