Problem with component Floor Layout

How does the component Floor Layout work? What is input data?
I tried insert Points, curves,polyline and in result I see only info message in grasshopper, but in Tekla I don’t see creating component.
I will be glad of any help

@Dmitry_Korchemny, place the tool manually and then use the Deconstruct Component to see how the input should be structured.

The problem is still relevant. I’ve taken points but couldn’t generate components with this input. (11.8 KB)

Hi Dmitry,

You’re only feeding in the polygon not the first 3 points which I’m guessing is the span direction and origin… plot the points and you’ll figure out what the are.

Also if you zoom into the Plugin input component you can hit the “+” and add these separate.

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Hi Dimitry,

as Oskar hints, internally the Floor Layout component needs 4 inputs: the origin, the x-axis, the y-axis (as points) and the shape polygon (as curve or points). So you’d need to use the plugin input component to build this up e.g. like this

There’s some info on why this differs from the user input in the UI in the FAQ here (even happens to use the Floor Layout as an example :slightly_smiling_face:)

Note that some of the attributes for this component are a bit non-standard, in that they are saved in xml format over several rows like this:

I believe this is because of the dynamic nature of the component with layers and all that, in combination with a maximum length of 79 chars for a single attribute value. So if you want to set these attributes you need to replicate and split that xml format and set the LayersXmlXX attributes accordingly - requires a bit of reverse engineering I’m afraid :sweat_smile: Or then just use attribute preset files.




@sebastian.lindholm you have more patience when writing your replies :rofl: I should have been more thorough

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