Problem with combine two lists of curves without loosing their position in a order

Hi everyone, i try make a component which allow me adding curves in loft for more controll, through tween component, without loosing their position in a curve order. I was able to find their indices in a sequence based on their domain. But all my attempts to combine the curves into single list failed.

For instance i have 9 curves and 4 i want to insert, total 13 curves, first 3 incert between 3 and 4 curve and last incert between 8 and 9 curves, so i have a domain for 13 curves with their position: 0; 0.11; 0.15…0.93; 1. This gave me indices from 1-13:
(0,1;2; [3-5 incerted]; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; [12 incerted];13).
So i have list with 9 curves and list with 13 indices for incerted curves, i tryed to combine curves through Incert Component but it didn’t work correctly because of different list lenght.
Now i have no idea what to do. Maybe anyone have?

Sorry for the confusing explanation :slight_smile:

In GH file there are some example which work almost like i want but in definition used components from Pufferfish and Peacock which you probably haven’t installed.


Since the curves are all planar and parallel to the xy plane, you can sort them by the z coordinate of their centroid



If they are not planar, it all depends on the geometry. but one thing you can do is divide each curve into a number of points and take the average of those points. That will give you something like a centroid and you can still apply the above logic. If things get too wild though, you’ll have to try something different.,

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You can do this quite easily with Pufferfish’s “Tween Through Curves” component, having the Normalized option turned false will let you specify factors by curves index position in the list. See attached for the workflow. This wont be restricted by any orientation sorting problems, it is all based on the order of your input curves.

Tween (13.9 KB)

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Thx for answer and great add-on!
Yes, PF tween works wery well, but when i use Gene Pool it’s require that each number must be no more than the following, which not so convenient to me.

but when i use Gene Pool it’s require that each number must be no more than the following, which not so convenient to me.

Please explain further, there is no issue using gene pool with this method that I can see.

I mean if i use PF tween with Gene Pool its steel require sorting if the sliders are located in different positions. It’s not a big problem but when i work with a huge ammoun of tweens this is little annoying to place each slider in a right position.

Without sorting:

With sorting:

Hi, I think you missed the sort component in my definition, this will take care of sorting for you.

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