Join Curves and Sort Lists in a particular dimension

Hi Guys,

I have created curves using the Brep Edges component (as highlighted in green). However, these are multiple lines and I would want to ideally join them in each direction i.e. the ones in X direction are connected together and the ones in the Y direction are connected together. So in total 4 curves are created. Currently there are 160 curves

I have used the Join Curves component, however this joined all the curves together into one continous polyline. I have experimented with Sort Lists and Dispatch components but am drawing a blank.

Additionally, how would I sort the list for the curved lines to correspond with the lines underneath? The idea is to loft those curves together. This too would be done the same way maybe? As they are in the same dimension?

Thank you

Can’t really help unless you post your grasshopper file with internalized geometry.



PFA the gh file with internalized geometry.

Thank you
Join Curves Sort (16.3 KB)

Here’s one way:

Join Curves Sort (20.7 KB)


Thank you!