Problem with Boolean differences. does not work

This seems really stupid, but when I want to subtract the Purple object from the Pink object it does not work.
However, if I subtract a simple cube from teh pink object, instead of teh purple one, it does work.
and I can subtract the purple object from a normal cube as well.
So1.3dm (1.9 MB)

I am sure nothing is wrong with any of my 2 objects.

There’s 6 purple objects, not one, and they all overlap.

The pink object is very odd, doubling over on itself. If you sort this out it will probably work fine.

Was the pink object created with a boolean union?

Actually, it looks like maybe a sweep created that.

Yes, That is a sweep.
And the purple objects are made from grouping several ones.

Here an attempt to clean up and create the cut.

The Pink object isn’t a properly closed object, even though _What tells you that. Looking at the corner in close will show you that.


This is my attempt:

Fixit_1.3dm (2.4 MB)

Thanks, I made the pink object again and the problem got resolved.