Problem to export closed polysurfaces (step file) for solidworks

Good morning,
I am contacting you for a problem that I am having with the export to file step. Inside the following file there are 11 closed polysurfaces (usually to make sure I use the “show edges” command). The problem arises when I send the file to my recipient who uses solidworks, who states that some pieces do not see them precisely as bodies / solids but as a set of surfaces. Starting from the fact that I assume that “closed polysurface” is equivalent to saying “solid” (correct me if I’m wrong) … I think the basic error is precisely in exporting to STEP files. I wonder if you could help me in some way to solve this problem. I specify that at the time of export I use the “Ap 214 AutomotiveDesign” configuration. I look forward to your kind reply.
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i think you forgot the file. i think i know the problem. check this thread and my replies. if that doesn’t help let me know, i can probably help out more. i do this back and forth all day.

sct_siap_rebuiding_wip01_12_03_21.rar (4.4 MB)
first of all I would like to thank you for your reply and for your time available. this is the file in question.let me know if there are any problems inside cause i’m going crazy haha. Thank you!!

Hello - please post the Rhino file.


here is what my feature tree looks like using my settings i detailed in the other thread.

you do have some surfaces that need to be rebuilt to seal those edges up. there was too many for me to do.

one quick thing to do, that i always do on imported or my models that aren’t sealing, @pascal can you back me up on this validity of this?

explode everything, run MergeAllEdges, run RebuildEdges, join everything in one go (it almost always will make the surfaces you want), then run MergeAllCoplanarFaces, show naked edges. see what you got. if you have bad ones, extract the face and use tools like DupEdges, Untrim, DetachTrim, MergeEdges, etc.

does my tree look any better?

edit: it doesn’t look better, i have failed you :wink:


scatola_fondo_coperchio.rar (6.3 MB)

Hi Luca - there are many edges on the model that are out of tolerance - the What command will tell you the max deviation, which on the part I am looking at it .011 - my guess is that this is way outside SW preferred tolerance is the problem. If you explode the object, RebuildEdges and Join, you will see naked edges all over the place. Most are not serious - should be easy to fix, but I would fix these so that Join creates a closed object at .001 at most.