Problem opening grasshoper file: "An entry with the same key already exists"

i am trying to open a file but it seems to not be able to read it. i get this error message:

This document contains the messages that were recorded during the most recent Grasshopper® file read/write. Whenever a read/write operation fails or behaves unexpectedly, this summary will be compiled and put on display. If you experience problems saving or opening files, please include this log with any bug-report you file. You can use the Send… button to mail this report directly, or you can save the log and attach it to a personal email message. This log contains no personal information beyond what you supply, nor any other information that is not directly related to Grasshopper.

Message log start (chronological):
An entry with the same key already exists.

I have tried everything (checking the autosave folder, recycling bin, etc) but the file isnt there and i dont have a backup. Please help if you know anything i can do to recover it, it really is a lot of work. Thanks in advance!

Thanks for this report. We have a bug filed as “RH-63870” for future reference. Unfortunately, this error indicates the GH file is corrupted and we don’t have a way to recover it as of this time. If you can share any details on where the file was saved, if it used any additional GH plugins or if there was a series of events that led to the file giving this error on opening, please let us know.

May you upload your GH file.