Problem intersect command

For the last 3 months the “intersect” or “intersect two sets” command makes Rhino freeze. It does not matter how simple or many the surfaces are selected.

I need to cancel the command and Rhino usually crashes - I send a crash report. So far I have not heard back from McNeel.

Has anyone else experienced the same problem?

The crash dump is attached.

RhinoCrashDump.3dm (50.8 KB)

I had something like that and it was caused by Vray. Lates VRay update fixed that.

Hi Frank -

Thank you for sending in the crash reports - those are very helpful and are always looked at even if sometimes only an an aggregated manner.

Developers typically only reply to that crash report when additional information is needed. If you come across a reproducible issue in the future, feel free to also report that here on Discourse.

As Raul said, this particular issue was caused by a bug in V-Ray.