Problem in filleted areas!

Hi guys,
I recently noticed that all filleted areas created by “fillet surface” or “variable radius fillet” commands create G1 curvatures so when I render the final model in Keyshot those fillet areas seem nonuniform comparing to the adjacent areas. I know that I can use “blend surface” command instead of “fillet” command but is there any other solution to turn fillet surfaces into G2? My model is ready to render. It’s hard for me to recreate such a model.
Please guide me. Thanks.

Nice work . Thats all I wanted to say.—Mark

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Hi @Alex_Wright

Well, depending on how far back you want to go, you can either use blendedge (instead of filletedge), which will give you G2 transitions. If the fillets are already in place, and you haven’t kept a copy of the original, un-filleted geometry (which I recomend you always do), you can use extractsrf to extract (and then delete) the fillets and then manually create G2 (or G3 or G4) surface blends using blendsrf. Remember that adding shapes will help you control where the two edges “meet”, so that the resulting surface is uniform and smooth.

HTH, Jakob

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Thank you guys.