Problem in brep join

Hi every one, i have three surface from alias, i want to join them to one brep with brep join, but it fails. i get one brep and one trimed surface. i have uploaded data, please help me, thanks!

brep join (27.1 KB)

It failed for me too until I changed my units tolerance from 0.001 to 0.01.
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You don’t need List Item.


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cool, very appreciate. As a beginner, I never expect this problem connect with tolerance setting. By the way, if i want to apply some pattern(example picture) on this brep which have three surfaces. if the base surface is this kind of brep, what should i do, surface morph doesn’t work on brep.

Search the forum first. Start a new thread, post a GH file with geometry.

ok, i will post on line. thanks again