Private Models? (URGENT)

How come I am seeing our private models (and presumably everyone elses) in the Gallery view:

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Hi Armin. You can’t see private models from other users in the gallery page. Users can only see public models and their own private models while viewing the gallery.

But how can you know which of my private models to show me when I am logged out?

Either way. Don’t mix private and public models together! Why would I want to see my own private models in a gallery?

About your private models showing when you are logged out: this is a bug that we are looking into, the state is not correctly reset after you log out it seems, opening a new browser window likely solves it.

About mixing private and public models: the gallery was meant as a place to see all models that you are allowed to see as a user. So not only your own models and public ones but also models shared with you, of your organization, etc… Now that we have sections for all these categories in the library, I agree that we can limit the gallery to public models.

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I can’t imagine that I would ever want to use the gallery to share private models with some users. Please do not use a system of permissions to filter what each user can see. Public models only please.