Embed private model


I am new at coding html and java. I have used the code here:
ShapeDiver 3D Viewer Index
to test the ticket of my model.

If my model is public I can access to it without a problem in either copeden.io or jsfiddle.net, however it does not work when I change the model to private. Is there any simple thing I am missing?

Thanks in advace,

You need to add the global domains in the model settings, see these posts for details:

Thanks for replying Pavol,

I saw those posts before and I manage to use the model in both domains when is public, however when I click the private model it does not work.

This is the code

I have a trial PRO account, not sure if it could be this…

Thanks in advance,

Make sure you check the right box and you enter correct global domains for embedding.


working, thanks you very much