Printing a Clipping Plane

For some reason I can’t figure out how to print with a clipping plane on and have the lineweights show correctly(like in the viewport). The preview shows them but when I print everything is the same.


What I get

rhino cannot print clipping plane as the way you view it.
you can Section your geometry first, put those lines in a separate layer with the lineweight you want, then print with the clipping plane on. Only in this way you get the heavy lines.

are you completely sure?

Hi Paulina -

You are reviving a thread that is 7 years old.
Which version of Rhino are you running and what is the problem that you are trying to solve?

thanks!, I’m Using rhino 6 and 7, When i want to print to pdf a layout with a clipping plane with a technical visualization, the line of the cut doesn’t look as thick as the visualitation itself. I tried to change the parameters in rhino options, in the display modes but it didn’t workout. Thanks for your help!

yes you are right