Print Width Scaling and Annotation Object Creation


I am using Rhino for architectural construction drawings through the entire workflow. I basically have 4 line weights, each on a different layer. Right now I use a template file with different detail windows at a fixed scale (1’:1/16", 1’:1/8", 1’:1/4", etc) that I have adjusted the detail print widths to. Are there plans to add print width scaling in V6 or a command to create annotation objects (like symbols on a floor plan)?

Would anyone be able to help me write a script for this? Here is what I would like to do:

-Set print width to layer based on how I want the print width to look at 1/8" scale.
-New detail windows automatically adjust print width to the detail window scale (print width at 1/4" scale should be twice as thick as 1/8")

Thanks! For now I will be using the template - there is just a lot of room for error.