Previewing in files rhino before opening them

hiya, My old pc stopped previewing files and shows only the rhino logo when a files viewed in a folder. I ve a new pc and the same is true. Can rhino v6 preview firstly v6 files whilst just viewing it in a folder in the the c drive and can it preview previous versions of rhino files generated in v5 please? Is there an option i need to select or something as really really missing the option to preview files before opening them. thanks.

Hi Robin,

This is as in Windows 10. You can change how the open dialogue displays files with the ‘More options’ button -

Select anything other than Small icons, List or Details and you will get a preview.

Or use the button to the right of it to open a preview pane to preview whichever file you highlight.

Same things available in Windows Explorer.


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I feel really silly now! Thats great its now working it was in small icons. I am new to windows 10. I ve updated and upgraded all software in past few days and learning everything and installing all at once is kinda filling my head! I found that keyshot v6 is not available with rhino v6 as a plug in so had to upgrade keyshot to v8 at cost of nearly 800 dollars, but its so good its worth it.

My old machine though i think has problems and fails to preview on windows seven it does for like one file everynow and again then click on the same file again and it doesnt preview, thankfully now switching over all will be better! Much appreciated for the help… just another load of niggles to over come with all the bitty software like printers and such like. One by one its sorting out with help from you guys? thanks. r