Prevent "Missing Plugin" Dialogue - Is this possible?

I’m trying to peek inside a grasshopper file and grab some simple data, for example text from a panel that I know is there with a specific nickname.

My problem is that IF i try to look into a file that contains a component for a currently-uninstalled plugin then all the methods i’ve tried (either via GH_IO/GH_Archive OR GH_DocumentIO) then I get the standard popup dialogue:

The commands I’m trying are either:

var archive = new GH_Archive();
var doc = new GH_Document();
archive.ExtractObject(doc, “Definition”); - this triggers the dialogue


GH_DocumentIO docIO = new GH_DocumentIO();
docIO.Open(path); - this triggers the dialogue

Ideally I’d avoid this. i.e. the document or archive would just load without missing components as if I clicked “close” on the popup dialogue. Is there a way to do that? Any advice very much appreciated! Currently working with Rhino6.